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Pre-Tax Planning

Tis the season to dust off those files and decide what actions you need to take to make the rest of the year successful. If you are in need of trying to figure out if you should do anything before the calendar year runs out give us a call to talk through your options.

We will work with your estimates of where your income and expenses will end for the year and see how that will affect your taxes. This will allow you time to figure out if you need to do anything to offset either one before the end of the year.

We suggest that if you have a business, farm, daycare or rental property that you have a firm understanding where you are sitting before the end of the year. We dislike surprises at tax time as much as you do and hope that by having this appointment, you will be able to keep the bad surprises at bay.

If your income or expenses has changed drastically from the 2020 tax season, then we suggest that you meet with us. Also, if you have taken any funds (retirement, stocks, etc.) that you do not typically have it would be a good idea to visit with us. Of course, if you come into an inheritance you should talk with us as well.

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